UEK-108 Round Module UP-Ender Kit for Roller Bed Feeders

“Finally, a solution that up-ends the module economically”

This kit will be custom designed to fit your roller bed feeder. All we need is a few dimensions.


  • Fits most Roller Bed Feeders and easy to install at any location of feeder bed
  • Forks are made of high strength steel with tines to help cradle the module
  • Forks prevent module from sagging during up-ending hence reducing spillage
  • Tines help reduce slippage when handling wet modules
  • Requires minor modifications to existing feeder bed
  • Simple and Safe to operate



  • 4 HP, 10 Gallon Hydraulic Power Unit is standard (Up Time = 30 secs., Down Time = 38 secs.)
  • Includes (1) NEMA 4 enclosure with all necessary controls, beacon, and safety mat