Model FS-60 Automatic Fold & Seal Station


  • Designed for standard P.E. (Polyethylene) bags. Special bags are not required.
  • Designed to be mounted to CTC Up-Ender (Sold Separately) or any Bale Conveyor (with Modifications)
  • Cycle Time = approximately 20 seconds
  • Nominally Rated @ 60 Bales per hour depending upon conveyor system length and speed
  • Designed with four pleaters; top, bottom, LH side and RH side to fold open end of bag on bale
  • Includes (3) 4” Diameter Teflon Coated Melt Heaters to seal the open end of bag after folding
  • All pneumatic components by Parker Hannifin Corp, 100 PSI required
  • Includes Preprogrammed PLC with touch screen
  • Includes (3) temperature controllers and (3) thermocouples for each melt heater
  • Includes all position sensors required
  • Hinged Safety Doors front and back for quick access to bale
  • Rugged Construction