MOD-ZILLA Round Module Opener


Thank you for visiting our website, Home of the MOD-ZILLA Round Module Opener (Cotton Module Unwrapper/Opener). You are currently viewing the model RMO-20.

RMO20-STANDARD-DrawingThis machine was designed to compete with other more complicated and expensive cotton module unwrappers (openers).

This machine utilizes a unique patented belt technology for lifting and rotating the module for wrap removal. Belts conform to the round module; hence, the module maintains its original shape and density. This is a benefit to the gin because cotton input consistency results in higher production rates.

What our customers asked for was less cost, less complication, and fewer adjustments. Our customers are well satisfied and will tell you that our goals were accomplished.
This model was designed to install over most module feeders provided there is enough head room. Column spacing and height can be custom designed to fit your gin.

The benefit of this model is that it occupies minimum floor space.


  • One Operator
  • 80-100 BPH capacity
  • Fits over most feeder beds
  • Simple to install & operate
  • Belt Safety factor = 10 to 1
  • Priced well below competitors
  • Gin Friendly with Standard Components made in the USA


  • Heavy duty belts conform to round modules thus keeping cotton dense yielding consistent feed rates
  • Belts tilt up in feed position to form side walls preventing spillage
  • Driven by (2) 5 HP gear motors & (1) 15 HP pumping unit
  • Heavy duty frame compensates for off-center loads
  • Blowout system prevents cotton build-up underneath belts
  • Optional RFID tag reader locates inner tail virtually eliminating the possibility of plastic contamination
  • Other styles available to handle modules crosswise