The model SK-20P Skinner was designed to enable us to ship the machine to you in one piece completely assembled, tested, pre-wired and pre-hosed. Electrical and Pneumatic service can be installed at the gin before the machine arrives and all that remains is to anchor bolt the machine in place.

The obvious benefit to you is that this model drastically reduces installation time!

It also allows for IN-SEASON INSTALLATION.

The SK-20P utilizes the same unique patent pending spike and drum technology as the previous model SK-20 Skinner machine for removing plastic wrap from the bottom of the module as it is unloaded from the truck. Modules are processed end to end as they exit the truck. Plastic wrap is slit by automatic knives along the bottom sides of the module and is removed via spikes and drum technology. Bottom wrap is deposited beneath the machine and is removed manually or by a reclaiming conveyor. Modules without bottom wraps are then conveyed onto the unload bed. This allows the operator to easily remove the top wraps from all four modules at once. The SK-20P requires no special foundation since it was designed to install at the end of the unload bed.

The Operator’s Console is mounted on an arm which is connected to the Skinner frame with the console facing the catwalk of the feeder bed.  Hence, this allows the operator easy access to the controls.

Now offering 2 models:

  • SK-20P for Spindle Picked Cotton Only
  • SK-20PS for Stripper or Spindle Picked Cotton


What our customers asked for was less cost, less complication, and fewer adjustments.


Any way you look at this new feature, it saves you money.


  • Opens 4 modules directly from module truck in less than 1 ½ minutes
  • Reduces labor to 2 employees including operator
  • Frees up handling equipment & employees (no double handling)
  • Sensors prevent contamination from any color wrap
  • Easily added to end of unload bed
  • Processes modules end to end which is most efficient and consistent feed method
  • Unloads rectangular and round modules
  • Unwraps without flipping or turning the module thus maintaining original shape and density
  • Sweeper with clutch removes stalks and mud from bottom of round module (clutch reduces spillage)
  • Ships with mechanical components assembled
  • Gin Friendly with Standard Components made in the USA
  • Operator’s console is mounted on customized stand to fit your gin
  • Operator’s console can be mounted on either side of machine
  • Sliding hopper sides prevent cotton spillage and greatly improves safety at operator entry point onto bed.


  • Driven by (1) 5 HP motor with gear box & (1) 3 HP motor with gear box
  • Hardened rotary knives slit 4ft.-8ft. dia. Modules
  • Manual height adjustment to match trucks
  • Push button station with touch screen
  • Variable frequency drives and PLC controls
  • Safety mats, beacon and pendant control help protect operator from injury
  • Pneumatic system includes sparkless knife motors, cylinders, valves, manifolds, regulators, gauges, fittings, hoses, and filters
  • Modem which allows for trouble-shooting and program changes by phone lines.


  • Cold weather pneumatic components
  • Reclaiming belted conveyor system removes bottom wrap & loose cotton from underneath machine automatically
  • Built In Module Up-Ender for badly damaged and water soaked modules